Monday, 5 July 2010

Adding comments to the WebTest

If you created WebTest from Fiddler recording WebTest will contain additional requests acting as a "request comments". Before executing WebTests those comments needs to be replaced with genuine VSTS comments.

  1. Open WebTest exported from Fiddler

    Requests "Navigate to Homepage", "Search for product" and "Select Product" act as "request comments"

  2. Right click on the “request comment” (created during Fiddler recording session) and select Insert Comment from the context menu

  3. Type in comment for the step; this comment will ultimately replace “request comment”

  4. Ensure the comment is in the correct place; it should be either directly above or below “request comment”

  5. Remove “request comment”

  6. Repeat steps 2 – 6 for all “request comments” in the WebTest

    Completed script should contain only legitimate requests with all “comment requests” replaced by VSTS comment item.

Although comments won’t be usable during result analysis they will become very precious source of information while adding transactions or identifying execution failures.

For the full guide to developing VSTS WebTests please refer to the Using Fiddler with VSTS.

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