Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Random data generation tool

In performance testing is is often required to have sufficient amount of volume data (i.e. data present in database before commencing with the performance test) and parameter data (i.e. data used for parametrisation) for the realistic load test. 
Random data generator

Although random names, street names, email addresses can be generated using random characters it is sometimes required to use realistically looking test data. This can happen if the system under test is validating data against some kind of pattern in order to filter out potential attacks.

Random data generator is a simple Java based tool which can generate random data based on the user specified input file. Generated data is saved in a CSV format which can then be opened in Excel for easy viewing.

The tool comes with sample database of base data (in CSV format) which should be sufficient to generate enough quality and random test data for most of the projects. Bundled data source could be further expanded or even replaced by your own data making the output data more relevant for the specific use.

Following table summarizes type of test data the tool can generate
 Name from data source
 Surname from data source
 Company name from data source
 Date between two bundary dates
 Flat number random number
 House number random number
 House name not implemented
 Street name from data source
 Town name from data source
 Email address combination of name surname and company name
 Phone number random number with predefined prefix
 Generic random number random number between two bundary values

Since the tool is Java based it can be run in any operating system which supports Java.

Tool can be downloaded from here.


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