Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Saving fiddler session and exporting WebTest

For the best results it is recommended to save Fiddler recording session as a fiddler archive file *.saz as well as VSTS WebTest file.

Archive file will contain all requests with their corresponding responses and webtest will be used by VSTS during performance test.

In order to save recording as a fiddler archive:
  1. Click File menu

  2. Select location to save the file good practice to include recording number

At this point it is a good idea to export the recording to the VSTS WebTest format:

  1. Select all requests to be exported from Fiddler. This can be done by selecting Edit > Select All from the main menu

  2. Chose “Visual Studio WebTest” from the drop-down and click next button


  3. Select the location where to save the file

    It is a good practice to give the same filename to both files since it will make it easier later on to match WebTest to original Fiddler archive file.

If all steps have been followed correctly two files should be created:
    • BusinessProcess1-Rec1.saz
    • BusinessProcess1-Rec1.webtest

For the full guide to developing VSTS WebTests please refer to the Using Fiddler with VSTS.

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