Saturday, 16 October 2010

LoadRunner Clean-up utility is a simple VBScript tool which will remove all unnecessary files from the LoadRunner script folder to reduce its size. Utility is pre-configured to remove all standard files which are generated by LR during script or scenario execution.

All default settings can be modified by editing first few lines of the script file. Following is the first section of the script which defines which files and folders should be removed from the script. Please note the in order to simplify and make easier to read I’ve removed full list of files and folders for each of the four filters.

To see full list and explanation of VUGen files which can safety be removed from script folder please read this post.

Dim aFolderFilter: aFolderFilter = Array(".DS_Store", "result1")
Dim aFileNameFilter: aFileNameFilter = Array("pre_cci.c", "output.txt")
Dim aFileExtentionFilter: aFileExtentionFilter = Array("idx", "bak", "ci")
Dim aFileFilterRegEx: aFileFilterRegEx = Array("combined_*.c")

Dim aIgnoreFolders: aIgnoreFolders = Array(".Trash")

'Leave blank to use script location as a start
Dim sStartFolder : sStartFolder = ""

Const CLEANUP_SCRIPT_NAME = "CleanUp.vbs"
' You shouldn't need to change anything below this line

The four first lines in the script define four filters which will be used to recognise files and folders to remove.
  • aFolderFilter – list of folder names which should be removed
  • aFileNameFilter – exact file names for files which to be removed
  • aFileExtentionFilter – exact extension of the files to be removed
  • aFileFilterRegEx – file names to be removed where asterisk (*) represents any sequence of characters
To add new entry, simply insert additional parameter to the Array function call. In the following example new folder name called data is added to the folder filter:

Dim aFolderFilter: aFolderFilter = Array(".DS_Store", "result1", "data")

Start folder
Utility will scan all files and subfolders of the folder where it is located and remove all (see description of Trash folder below) files matching filter description. It scans the folder structure recursively going into all sub folders and using the same filters for each folder.

This behaviour can be overwritten by setting start location in the script configuration section. If the sStartFolder value is set to empty string (represented by two double-quotes) the default behaviour is used and the script starts processing from the folder where the script is located.

Using following line instead of the default one will start processing from the “C:\LoadRunnerScripts” folder regardless of where the script file is located:

Dim sStartFolder : sStartFolder = "C:\LoadRunnerScripts"

Clean-up script will always process folders before attempting to remove any files. This ensures that no individual files will be removed using file matching filters in case the whole folder is due to be removed.

Script will always attempt to locate custom CleanUp script in each subfolder it tries to process. That means that if the script finds CleanUp.vbs file inside any subfolder it will delegate responsibility of processing that subfolder to the custom script and will move to the next folder.

Name of the CleanUp script can be set to other one by changing value of the constant variable called: CLEANUP_SCRIPT_NAME.

Trash folder
Clean-up utility will not remove any file or folder from the machine but only move it to the Trash folder located in the same folder as the script. If the script is copied to and run from “Desktop\LR_Repository” Trash folder will be created within “Desktop\LR_Repository” folder.

Utility will recreate folder structure of the original files and folders within Trash folder. If the file which is to be removed is located in “Desktop\LR_Repository\Scripts\HR\HolidayApproval\output.txt” it will be moved to “Desktop\LR_Repository\.Trash\Scripts\HR\HolidayApproval\output.txt”

The same rule apply to folders.


  1. This is very good, but the trash folder its not over writing if the trash folder contains already some files..
    1. please add some lines to create zip file. so that we can directly upload to performance center
    2. do you have some script to change the data in parameter file with out opening the file

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